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We're dedicated to lead children to become fully learn the knowledge of Bible and Spiritual Teachings..

Warriors program gives your child learn more deeper insights of the biblical information through stories, skits, crafts and many more..

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@ 4:00pm to 5:00pm
Language: Telugu

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03 Jul 2021

Joshua chose to obey and serve God. When Joshua Prayed Sun Stood still, and the Moon stopped.

10 Jul 2021

The fall of Jericho. Watch Lesson Online

17 Jul 2021

War at Hai
Memory Verse: Joshua 1:6
Watch Lesson Online

24 Jul 2021

Jonah and the large fish

21 Jul 2021

Puppet Show


Believer and Expert in children's ministry and organizing children events to teach them the truth of God's word, equip them to apply His word in their daily living, provide real life examples of faithfulness and sacrifice, and encourage the pursuit of the lifetime of service for our Lord and Savior.

Sis. Keerthi

Children's Pastor

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